Remote display in real time

MRDS (Medical Report Delivery System) system allows authorized doctors to see via WEB all images and reports as soon as the radiological clinic makes them available.

Everytime, with every device

HTML 5 standard is fully compatible with all modern web browsers and devices, such as Android and iOS tablets and smartphones. Thanks to an optimized interface, MRDS is a simple and effective instrument usable in every connected place.

Safe and versatile

Https crypted transfer ensures high security levels, to better grant the personal data security: every user has got his personal account to acces to restricted area.

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Welcome to MRDS

This is the MRDS (Medical Report Delivery System) service demo, by Inrete Srl.

Once installed in a radiological clinic, MRDS can provide a remote web-based view of images and reports to authorized physicians and patients, supporting the sharing of any data type such as DICOM, PDF, JPEG, etc. In order to use MRDS, the clinical informatic system and patients' database must be integrated with this platform for web-viewing.

The visualization is fully compatible with new connected-device as tablet and smartphone. Graphic and features are also customizable according to the clinic requests.

For additional information and support please send an email to: